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The eligible voters in each sector vote directly for the electors, who in turn cast ballots for Chief Executive.

Pursuant to the Annex II of the Basic Law, the Election Committee also selected 10 Members of the 1st Leg Co by block vote in 1998. 2, of the Basic Law, saying that the Election Committee must be renewed at least once every five years.

Four of the seats were reassigned to geographical constituencies for the 2nd Leg Co in 2000, and the remainder for the 3rd Leg Co in 2004. They were held in 19, but none (except for the 2002 by-election) have been held since. Article 46 was a subject of controversy regarding the term of the newly elected Chief Executive.

The article states: The law requires a term of five years, but mainland officials have said the new leader filling-in can only serve until 2007.

An 800-member electoral college called the Election Committee is elected by businessmen and professionals (those eligible for functional constituencies, with less than 180 000 eligible voters), and some other sectors of the society, with each of the twenty-eight sectors of the economy receiving a set number of electoral votes.

The Government did not appeal the judgment, and held consultations with the public on how the law should be changed.

A bill was then introduced to the Leg Co, providing that no person would be barred from electoral registration or voting because of criminal conviction, even for crimes against the electoral system.

The Legislative Council has 70 members, of whom 40 are elected by popular vote in geographical constituencies and District Council (Second) functional constituency, and 30 elected from other functional constituencies.

In Hong Kong, legislative elections are held every four years, in years evenly divisible by four.

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