Perfect 10 speed dating

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If you are outspoken and prefer to speak your heart out, be it. We often categorise men into 'my type' and 'not my type'.

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Please don't be shy about your own personal experience if any.

Winners of the raffle will get some pretty awesome winter gear. Sign up for the event online, and save on your ticket.

We’re not saying you should speed date as many people as you can just to get more chances at the raffle, but that’s all up to you. If you have less raffle tickets, that must mean you’ve really kicked it off with someone, and you may be that much closer to finding your match. For , you’ll get to participate in the event, try your shot at the raffle, score free bee, and attend a social hour where you can just have some fun with the other singles.

Last year we had over 200 single riders and skiers, and this year, it’s projected that that number will double. That’s because every person you’ll meet at this event is just as excited about hitting the slopes as you are!

Although most speed dating events happen at restaurants, this one is really the only one of its kind.

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